xT and xA Series Transcoder / Encoder Feature Rich Live Transcoding / Encoding and Adaptive Internet Distribution Solutions

CSI Digital’s innovative integrated xCoder solution combines many common functions for real time A/V workflows. To transcode / encode video content from any source into MPEG-TS format or transfer onto the Internet, there is no simpler or higher quality video solution than the xCoder product family. The xCoder can simultaneously process up to 24 SD channels or 4 HD channels into almost any format or stream type including adaptive streaming.

Key Features:

  • MPEG2 to MPEG4/H.264 or MPEG4/H.264 to MPEG2 transcoding
  • HD to SD Conversion
  • Multi-channel Audio support
  • Audio level control
  • Adobe Flash Adaptive Streaming Support
  • Apple HTTP Dynamic Streaming Support (HLS)
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming Support
  • Compatible with Wowza Media Server, MSFT IIS and Adobe FMS
  • Web interface for easy setup
  • Independent controls for resolution, bitrate and frame rate per stream

The xCoder’s advanced H.264 encoding technology provides professional quality video with 2-pass encoding algorithms, creating outstanding video at the lowest possible bit rates, saving bandwidth and costs. The result is stunning picture quality and full control of your workflow.

Available Software Options

Software upgrade to utilize any
transcoding/encoding combination listed above (limited by CPU loading)

Software for enhanced adaptive streaming performance (max. bitrate for all output streams per input stream = 3.0 Mbps, max pixel count for all profiles per node = 120 million pixels).

Available I/O Options

  • IP (2 GigE Per Node – included in standard configurations)
  • Analog Baseband (2 baseband analog input – composite video/audio)
  • SD SDI (1, 2 and 4 input)
  • HDMI (1 input)
  • HD SDI (1 or 4 input)
  • ASI (1, 2 and 4 input/output options)
  • ATSC (2 input)


The Competitive Advantage

  • CSI Digital’s xCoder line of Encoders/Transcoders – scalable, multi-core MPEG2 and H.264 encoder solutions that set new benchmarks for density and scalability.
  • MSOs, cable operators, satellite providers and telcos can increase the capacity of their network and more efficiently allocate bandwidth usage while delivering the highest quality SD and HD video at the lowest possible bitrates.
  • The xCoder line can be custom-ordered and tailored to fit your needs, whether it be HD broadcast, digital turnaround (DTA), OTT video-on-demand, multiscreen delivery or switched digital video (SDV). A variety of video processing features are available to meet these needs such as format conversion before encoding, MCTF noise filtering, and PIP channel creation.
  • MPEG2 or H.264 encoding is done completely in software on the Intel® Xeon® 55xx or 56xx series processor, depending on which model you choose. The output format can be flexibly streamed in MPEG2-TS, IP or ASI formats. As well, xCoder supports output in a variety of adaptively streaming formats such as Microsoft® Silverlight, Apple® HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Adobe® HTTP Dynamic Streaming.