Cost effective & scalable. Customizable to meet a wide range of customer needs. Traditional CATV Operators – Telco Operators – Private Cable Operators – Closed Network Solutions

CSI’s Research and Development facility and state-of the art video data center, are based in Portland, Oregon. We provide a robust suite of advanced video integration services that include:

Next Generation

We design and integrate next-generation video content delivery systems including adaptive bit rate, multiscreen over-the-top (OTT) deployments.

CSI Digital’s wholesale IPTV video package allows service providers a simple, quick and cost effective method of upgrading their existing video plant and/or realizing a rapid, more effective way to enter new markets. We provide customers with faster start-up and lower capital costs compared to self-developed solutions.

CSI Digital leverages a worldwide satellite infrastructure, content, hardware and software licensing relationships to provide wholesale video. The content is competitive and robust with regards to channel line-up, choices, and pricing.